Military Leadership Circle Welcomes New Members for 2018

Military Leadership Circle Welcomes New Members for 2018
The Military Leadership Circle is thrilled to announce its 9 newest members for 2018.

The following selectees will be participating in the 21th annual Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, April 29th through May 2nd 2018:

  • Andy Allen (US Air Force)
  • Kevin Bemel (US Navy)
  • James Brindle (US Army)
  • Kevin Duffy (US Coast Guard)
  • Kyle Ellis (US Marine)
  • David Escobar (US Army)
  • Thomas Higginbotham (US Air Force)
  • Santhosh Shivashankar (US Navy)
  • Meghan Wilkens (US Navy)

Having undergone a rigorous selection process by the Milken Institute, these leaders in national service were sought out due to their professional and educational attainments.  Also highlighted was their ability to transcend the boundaries of profession by engaging diverse communities and creating spaces for action and dialogue on a wide range of issues. We welcome these new ambassadors who will further engage peers and develop opportunities for meaningful service as part of the Military Leadership Circle.

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