By Ken Tarr

The Milken Global Conference is a rare opportunity to meet the influencers and policy makers that shape our country and world. MLC members are afforded a unique experience to learn from these influencers, their current projects, and what made them successful, all while building professional relationships outside the conference.

The Military Leadership Circle and the Milken Global Conference expands one’s network while meeting inspiring leaders and helping members within our own cohort. We are a strong group because of our diversity in thought, military services, geographic locations, and operational experiences. Always striving to improve ourselves, we constantly search for ways to leverage personal networks to support the aspirations of fellow MLC members. There is no better way to do this than with a Reciprocity Ring.

A Reciprocity Ring is formed when individuals within a group leverage each other’s contacts to share a connection or assist in accomplishing a goal (Give and Take, A. Grant). This model is a powerful way to support fellow members while simultaneously furthering one’s personal goals. The Milken Global Conference allows for massive personal growth, but the effect is magnified even further when MLC members help each other to achieve their goals. The Military Leadership Circle maintains its Reciprocity Ring virtually, as members are dispersed across the country and around the world.

For those who attend the Milken Conference, I would suggest deep reflection on this question: “What are the two things you’re most passionate about and working towards, that if connected with the right person, would change everything and take you to the next level?” Get focused and write them down in painstaking detail regardless of if they’re personal or professional in nature.

During initial MLC socials we share our goals, passions, and needs in small teams as an ice breaker. By introducing each person in the team to the group, we learn what makes each member tick and what they need to succeed. During the closing MLC social we circle back and follow-up on successes and continued opportunities for our members. After the Milken Global Conference we maintain and strengthen MLC bonds by communicating needs in real time via the MLC Trello page, which helps members stay connected.

Join the MLC Reciprocity Ring as we leverage each other’s networks and help each other with personal skillsets. I’ll see you at the conference!

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