MLC co-founder, LT Darryl Diptee, was recently selected to attend UC Berkeley for a PhD in Education starting in the Fall of 2018.

His intended research focus will study the impact of using design thinking as an approach to creating high quality STEM learning systems with low cost / low tech resources.  Inspired by his military deployments where he successfully teached Iraqi children about the speed of light, gravity, and solar system using nothing more than sticks, rocks, and the night sky, Darryl believes that it is possible to codify such creative approaches to deliver high quality STEM education in communities that lack financial and technological resources.

Darryl affirmed, “I’ve seen many times that people are driven to make poor decisions due to a perceived lack of options, especially in communities and developing countries that are socioeconomically impoverished. I’ve always been a supporter of the old adage ‘teaching a man to fish’, which is why I want to help design low tech, high quality STEM education systems that can be deployed around the world so marginalized communities can THINK their way out of poverty.”

Scheduled to retire from the US Navy in a few months, Darryl and his wife, Summer, are excited to move back to California where they’re be closer to family and friends. Darryl is also a published author, a public speaker, and a certified life coach that has helped hundreds of people over his 20-year career.  In 2015 he helped co-found the Military Leadership Circle alongside Matt Driskill and Peter O’Neill. The MLC is 34 members strong as they prepare to attend the 2018 Milken Global Conference in Beverly Hills, CA in April 2018. Learn how to earn official MLC membership and how you can contribute to bridging the civ-mil gap.

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