You never know who you’ll run into at the Milken Global Conference. This was a great session about the business of sports and the disruption of eSports from some of today’s most influential business leaders. What was really interesting was the shock on the other’s faces as Bobby Kotick, CEO, Activision Blizzard, described just how quickly he can sell out an eSport event. It certainly surprised the others on the panel, especially the level of revenue eSports is acquiring.

So what can a military officer learn from a civilian engagement such as this? The power of questioning the status quo and being an innovative disruptor. It is very easy to let the larger institution dictate how things must and should be done in the future, but it takes real courage to challenge the status quo and show where we can be better, more efficient or perhaps deconstruct a process to create a better one. The skills necessary for such an endeavor require research, design and critical thinking, analyzing perspectives, salesmanship and measuring success. If you’re weak in any one of these areas then find people who are good at utilizing and putting these skills into action and bring them into your teams. Learn, fail, and learn again. Fine tune your idea for change and re-attack if necessary.

If this is something of interest for you then I hope you consider being a part of the Military Leadership Circle community. We need people who not only want to learn, but also want to contribute to the develop and growth of others through powerful Civilian-Military engagements. These are some of our most important relationships and we have much to learn from one another. See you around the playground!

Click on the link to view the Business Leaders Behind Major Sports:

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