I received an abundance of advice on how to best approach my experience at the Milken Institute’s Global Conference.  Some of this advice came from the senior members of the Military Leadership Circle (MLC), those on their second year of serving as part of the MLC.  They have learned how to best manage the logistic and administrative requirements associated with conference attendance.  In fact, I found this part of my experience to have been almost invisible.  They also provided insight into how to approach the conference itself.  One of the best techniques explained how to converse with other conference participants.  Some of the other helpful tips included methods for networking, social media use, and marketing.  Another helpful group was the seasoned Milken Institute attendees.  Whenever I discovered that I was talking with someone that had attended multiple Milken Institute events, I asked them for advice on how the most fully take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Milken Institute experience.  The most rewarding advice I attempted was to attend panels outside my comfort zone or area of expertise.  This opened my eyes to some amazing advancements that are occurring throughout the pantheon of professional endeavors.  This exposure to innovation in many seemingly unconnected fields truly energized my intellectual curiosity and helped me clearly see numerous broad sweeping and highly interconnected trends that are rapidly changing our world.  Another seasoned Milken Institute participant urged me to seek out a mentor from among the highly successful attendees.  I was not able to successfully find a mentor this year, but with more time and effort, this is advice I plan to follow through with during my two-year membership as part of the MLC.

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