The Military Leadership Circle (MLC) provides members of the military the opportunity to engage and interact with some of the most successful people in the United States and from around the world.  Members of the MLC attend professional development activities, to include the Milken Institute’s Global Conference, for a two-year period.  As I complete my first introduction to the Milken Institute, I can absolutely declare that the presenters and attendees at the Global Conference represent an impressive slice of the cutting edge of human problem-solving and achievement.  The amount of talent, to include creativity, innovation, and pure brain power, is simply overwhelming.  The learning is truly non-stop.  In addition to attending dynamic presentations from world renowned personalities, I have conversed with the authors of books that have profoundly impacted my professional development.  In forums and one on one, I asked difficult questions and received very well-articulated and well-reasoned responses from leaders in the fields of education, politics, international affairs, economics, business and many more.  I have never experienced more growth and absorbed more mind-blowing knowledge in a shorter period of time.  More importantly, this environment allowed me and my fellow MLC members the opportunity to share more about our military with some extremely important people.  What I have personally discovered is that a significant segment of our population is starving for more interaction with their military.  As I internalized my experiences from this conferences, I am already excited about my next opportunity to engage in a Milken Institute sponsored event.  Hopefully my overloaded mind and heightened sense of stimulation will subside before my next invitation arrives.

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