Leadership is what I live and breath. It is something that I think about everyday, every hour and why I do things the way that I do everyday.

My passion is to spread what leadership is and what it is not. Our society is self consumed and we have forgotten what leadership is and it often gets it confused with management.

Management is the mundane tasks that are needed to ensure an organization runs smoothly. It is not a bad thing, rather a necessary good thing. Managers are paid well in every industry, but rarely are they considered leaders as well.

Leaders are the ones that lead the way. Leaders are the ones that you relish the opportunity to interact with. Leaders are the ones that know the right thing to say at the exact right time. Leaders are people that we aspire to be and want to be our friends. Leaders care more about you than they do themselves.

So what is leadership?

Leadership is positive influence that inspires action

Find a leader that you admire and thank them this week for what they have done for you. Share your story and comments below.

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