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Who are we?

The Military Leadership Circle are proven military leaders who think boldly while going above and beyond assigned duties to tackle large challenges not being addressed by established military programs.  They eagerly share military best practices during corporate engagements while also constantly seeking to learn and grow as military professionals.

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What the Military Leadership Circle, the Milken Global Conference, and Burning Man have in Common

What the Military Leadership Circle, the Milken Global Conference, and Burning Man have in Common

By: Kelly McCoy Researchers found that those who go to Burning Man come back different. Whether it is neurological, biological, or just a frame of mind – unique experiences, whether it be art (among other things) in the desert or a week in Beverly Hills can change the way you think. I applied to the Military Leadership Circle because I saw an amazing opportunity to […]

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Navigating the 2018 Milken Institute’s Global Conference

Navigating the 2018 Milken Institute’s Global Conference

By Joel Garrison The Military Leadership Circle website and social media network will be highly active for the next two weeks during events associated with the Milken Institute’s Global Conference (GC) 2018 slated for April 29 thru May 2. Our members are preparing to share our best GC moments with you. The theme of this year’s GC is ‘Navigating a World in Transition.’ The speakers […]

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Military Leadership Circle Welcomes New Members for 2018

Military Leadership Circle Welcomes New Members for 2018

The Military Leadership Circle is thrilled to announce its 9 newest members for 2018. The following selectees will be participating in the 21th annual Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, April 29th through May 2nd 2018: Andy Allen (US Air Force) Kevin Bemel (US Navy) James Brindle (US Army) Kevin Duffy (US Coast Guard) Kyle Ellis (US Marine) David Escobar (US Army) Thomas Higginbotham (US Air […]

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 The 2018 Call For Applications has ended.

The application window for official MLC membership is now closed. Please consider applying for the 2019 cycle.  We look forward to our newest members attending the 21st annual Milken Institute’s Global Conference that will spotlight critical global issues by bringing together over 3,000 successful world leaders from the government, business, academic, and non-profit sectors. Click here to learn more.

Learn more about the Milken Institute:

About us

Our Mission

To break down divides between the military and civilian world in a way that bolsters corporate effectiveness while simultaneously equipping military leaders for more meaningful service.  The MLC strives to unite social influencers across all institutions in order to inspire mutually beneficial collaborations that will strengthen both American military and civilian organizations.

Our Vision

MLC initiatives aim to build a mutually beneficial relationship for both the military and the civilian world.  With precedence for successful transitions, we are devoted to increasing the recruitment of career-minded individuals who will join the military in order to gain incredible leadership experience that will make them sought-after by civilian corporations after their service.

For the Corporate World

The MLC is a group of ambassadors who represent the core values, discipline and experience that are expected from the leaders of the greatest military in the world.  As liaisons, we strive to demonstrate how military leadership, training and a sense of purpose can improve any organization, and furthermore, how veterans will add great value to any institution when they transition out of the military.

Join the MLC

If you identify as a military officer who is an out-of-the-box thinker and a self-starter who believes that the word “impossible” is but a tiny road bump on the path to victory – we urge you to become part of the Military Leadership Circle.

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