Global Pro Bono trip to Rwanda

Global Pro Bono trip to Rwanda

Open to Official MLC members, but only two spots are available.

MLC members will have the opportunity to take a 4 week leave of absence to do a 4 week global community service project in Rwanda with a team of 8 other corporate leaders. Contact the MLC Programs team for specific participation details.

The Global Health Corporate Champions is a team of 5-15 corporate professionals from multiple disciplines and companies across several industries who come together for a one-month intensive, immersive experience to address global health problems. This diverse group of leaders leverage their business and operational expertise to improve the effectiveness of local organizations, leaving in place longer term, sustainable capacity. They work on specific projects related to clean water and sanitation, food and nutrition security, health system strengthening, and/or gender inclusion and empowerment.

The next cohort will depart for Rwanda February 24, 2018, for four consecutive weeks of pro bono service in or near the capital city of Kigali.

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